Probiota Pioneers

Thank you to our 2022 Probiota Pioneers.

As major universities look to spin-out and license key discoveries, global food and pharma businesses open up venture funds and external innovation programs and incubators to draw innovative entrepreneurs into their orbit – there are rich pickings for probiotic, prebiotic and microbiome pioneers in search of money, experience and a global platform for their ideas. But how can you win in a competitive environment?

NutraIngredients had been on the search for entrepreneurial consumer-facing, science or technology based start-ups and announced that Beo Therapeutics, Genbioma and Lactobio were confirmed as our 2022 Probiota Pioneers. 

Our 2022 Pioneers joined us at Probiota in Copenhagen. Delegates were able to meet with them at the Pioneers Hub in the networking area.

Beo Therapeutics AG develops oral bacterial products that counteract the effect on health of a modern lifestyle and ageing. This includes novel microbial treatments for arthritis and chronic kidney disease. Both diseases are associated with ageing and western lifestyle that can be prevented with the right treatment. Know more >>

Genbioma Aplicaciones SL aims to leverage the central role of probiotics on the gut microbiota and study the mechanism of action to improve glucose (hyperglycemia) and lipid metabolism (dyslipidemia). Our goal is to prevent and reduce the risk of metabolic diseases (Prediabetes, Diabetes, CVD and obesity). Know more >>

Lactobio focuses on the creation of new microbiome and microbial solutions to target and fight the problem of increasing infections caused by microorganisms being resistant to antibiotics. They work with the skin, vaginal, and gut microbiota to treat a variety of diseases – with projects spanning various pathogens. Know more >>

2022 Shortlisted entries:

Synbiotic Health Uplift Food Milk Academy The Gut Feeling
Cryosmetics Comet Bio The Gut Co