Probiota 2022 saw the best speakers take to the stage from academia, industry, and the regulators.

The key themes for Probiota 2022 were:

  • Next Generation probiotics for weight management/ obesity
  • Fermented foods and dietary microbes
  • The global e-commerce market for probiotics
  • Beyond probiotics with postbiotics and phages
  • Latest advances in the microbiota-gut-brain axis
  • The opportunities of Live Biotherapeutics/ Pharmabiotics
  • Opportunities for the skin and oral microbiome
  • And surveying the regulatory landscape across Europe: From Brexit to EFSA

The key timings for Probiota were:

Monday 28th March:

Tuesday 29th March:

Wednesday 30th March:

13.00 CET Registration

14.00 CET Welcome and sessions begin

18.00 CET Welcome reception

19.30 CET End of day 1

07.15 CET Chr Hansen Run & Walk

09.00 CET Start of day 2

13.10 CET Roundtable lunch

17.45 CET End of day 2 sessions

19.00 CET Probiota reception

21.00 CET End of day 2

09.00 CET Start of day 3

12.50 CET End of day 3 sessions and networking lunch

14.00 CET End of Probiota 2022