As major universities look to spin-out and license key discoveries, global food and pharma businesses open up venture funds and external innovation programs and incubators to draw innovative entrepreneurs into their orbit – there are rich pickings for probiotic, prebiotic, and microbiome pioneers in search of money, experience and a global platform for their ideas. But how can you win in a competitive environment?

The hunt for entrepreneurial consumer-facing, science or technology-based start-ups is currently closed. 

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Probiota Pioneers 2024 Winners

REM Analytics

REM Analytics (REM) develops, sells and performs microbiome tests. Their tests have the unique property of providing precise quantification of relative abundances, with strain level resolution. Using Advanced Testing for Genetic Composition or ATGC, a proprietary technological platform, they design tests for any microbiome target, including bacteria, fungi and archaea. Their test, can be designed to work in any microbiome niche or matrix such as human gut, vagina, mouth, fermented foods, mixed probiotics etc. REM Analytics have designed several test, with application in personalised probiotics, women health and precision agriculture.


ProBioEtna is a spin-off of the University of Catania funded by a multidisciplinary team of experts in the "Human Health and Life Technologies" area. ProBioEtna develops probiotics for human health, with a particular focus on women's well-being, according to a B2B business model. ProBioEtna offers ingredients with the highest quality and safety standards and with health effects validated by both pre-clinical and clinical studies.


WellVine(TM) is the first company to offer a whole food, zero waste prebiotic derived from upcycled wine grapes. Sourced entirely from Jackson Family Wines, our Coastal Chardonnay Grapes are rich in a tremendous diversity of oligosaccharides and packed with phenolics to better support beneficial communities of probiotic bacteria while minimizing the growth of undesirable species. Backed by research from world-class scientist at the University of California, Davis, USDA, and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, WellVine(TM) is a patented, truly smart prebiotic with the added of benefit of making foods taste better.

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If you are interested to enter for the Probiota Pioneers 2025, register your interest

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