Probiota Pioneers

Each year, NutraIngredients is on the hunt for entrepreneurial consumer-facing, science or technology-based start-ups to join them at Probiota. 2023 saw a record number of entries, and we plan to continue this success for next year and will be launching our 2024 Probiota Pioneers shortly, to register your interest, please click the button below.

Our 2023 winners were showcased on stage at the IPA World Congress + Probiota in Barcelona this February. Congratulations to our 2023 winners:

Eagle Genomics is a TechBio platform business pioneering the application of network science to biological discovery and innovation across the Food and Nutrition, AgBio, Beauty and Personal Care, and Biopharma industries. Its AI-augmented knowledge discovery platform, the e[datascientist]™, enables enterprise customers to trace digital journeys in data, driving transformative innovations, exploiting leading-edge scientific discovery in silico, and supporting differentiated product claims. 

Integral Solutions is a health innovations start-up that is developing next-generation microbiome-based therapeutics for mental health and cognitive enhancement. They are creating innovative solutions to tackle the global mental health crisis that is affecting millions of people’s lives, as well as having a huge toll on the global economy. They use novel CRISPR genome engineering methods to create genome-edited probiotic bacteria strains with increased therapeutic effects on the nervous, neuroendocrine and immune systems as well as enhanced metabolic processes. 

NemaLife Inc. is a techbio platform company developing AI and microfluidics-based solutions for various industries to accelerate and reduce the costs of screening. NemaLife's patented, rapid, high-throughput in-vivo screening platform uses the tractable microscopic worm C. elegans. Compared to existing approaches e.g., the in-vitro “mechanical-intestine” model TIM-2, and ex-vivo organ-on-chip models, the gut of the worm is a true “living intestine,” interacting with other organ systems of the body, harboring a functionally diverse microbiome similar to that of humans. The NemaLife platform can provide human health-relevant endpoints focused on gut health, muscle health, anti-obesity, cognitive health, stress resistance, and anti-aging.